Upgrade simulator for enterprise clouds

  • Tel Aviv Vienna
  • Ron Gidron, CEO, ron@xtype.io

Uniquely qualified team operating in a hot market solving a validated problem and enjoy strong validation and market fit. We solve the most critical problem for ServiceNow customers bar none and our solution is receiving very strong reaction. An immediate $100M opportunity exists with ServiceNow, larger opportunity in expanding across cloud platforms later. Our unique and patent pending technology natively embeds sophisticated DevOps functionality inside the ServiceNow platform. Our technology mirrors ServiceNow to a versioned storage backend and we visualise customisations, simulate upgrades and more. We are 3 founders based in Tel Aviv and Vienna, combined experience of 25 years in cloud and enterprise. Ex. CA, HP-Mercury and startup companies. We have an MVP out, first customers are installed. early adopter pipeline of over 20 customers great support from ServiceNow and indication that we can charge significantly for our technology (5%-10% of ServiceNow ACV per customer).




Enterprise Software, SaaS


$500K - $1M