Paraspot is an AI-powered property inspection platform
  • Seed · SaaS · Proptech
Simplifying financial decisions making
  • MVP · Fintech · Financial Services · AI/ML
DROPI uses chem analysis to detect food industry contaminants at packaging
  • Pre-Seed · AgTech · FoodTech · Supply Chain
We create novel biopesticides from the African flora - making an impact on the farmers
  • Pre-Seed · AgTech
Ecommerce loses $3.4T globally due to bad search. We solved it: abstract intelligence
  • Prototype · AI · NLP · NLU
Smart resilin produces bio-based, natural solutions to pollutant and harmful materials
  • Seed · Cosmetic · Electronics · Energy Impact
Revolutionize the way manufacturing teams fix failures, collaborate best practices
  • Early > Growth · Smart Factory · Industry 4.0
Secure Open-Source Ontology on chain entirely managed by DAOs
  • MVP · Web3 · Secure Supply Chains · MedTech · SciTech
Unique travel search engine
  • Pre-Seed · TravelTech
Team simulation that measures, evaluates, and, trains interpersonal dynamics and skills
  • MVP · Pre-Seed · SaaS · Human Performance Tech · L&D
POL is the only No Code BI tool with programmer flexibility.
  • Pre-Seed · SaaS
People take food and make it functional. We make functional food reach its target.
  • Seed · FoodTech · Cognitive Health
Adventure app for Jewish kids
  • MVP · Nonprofit · EdTech
Queue helps businesses reach high intent audiences and reduce content creation costs
  • Pre-Seed · SaaS · MarketingTech
Leading job board for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs
  • Bootstrapped · Blockchain · Cryptocurrency · Digital Assets
A digital mental health marketplace
  • Pre-Seed · SaaS · Digital Health · Social Media
Global tennis platform uniting tennis players, coaches and clubs
  • Pre-Seed · IT · Sports · Social
Allows, riders, drivers,autonomous systems and ACC, to navigate safely in curves & turns
  • MVP · After Market · Automotive · Telematics
A Ground-breaking system selecting the most viable embryos for successful IVF pregnancy
  • Growth Stage · Digital Health · Diagnostics · Women's Health
PainGuard is the next standard of care to administrate continuous regional anesthesia
  • Seed · Health · Medical Device · IOT
Sustainability Made Simple
  • Pre-Seed · Climate-tech
Changing healthcare for the better by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd
  • Seed · Digital Health · Social Media
Enabling lenders to lend to 2BN people who have no credit history using a 3 minute game
  • Pre-Seed · FinTech
The place where young people learn stuff
  • Seed · EdTech
Wearables that Heal
  • Series A · Clinical Trials · Sports Pilots · BioTech · Digital Health
Hybrid events for the film industry
  • Growth Stage · Media · Film · SaaS
Meal kit delivery service
  • Seed · FoodTech
Absolutely wireless smart lighting system
  • Pilot · IOT · Green Energy · Smart Building
Cloudyo is an AI platform to discover, optimize and manage the whole SaaS ecosystem
  • Prototype · SaaS
Automates the generation of Kubernetes-based Enterprise Systems
  • Prototype · Enterprise Software · Cloud Native · Kubernetes
Adding the human touch to healthcare through Behavioral-AI
  • Early Stage · Digital Healthcare · Payers & Providers
Critical step in precision (personalized) cancer management – Next generation sequencing
  • Seed
Helps organizations to better manage & control int' procurement & shipments using AI
  • Pre-Seed · SaaS · Supply Chain · Global Trade
A video-call device that floats
  • Prototype · Digital Health · Telehealth · Telepresence Robot
A pharmaceutical company that develops cannabis-based medicines treat neuropathic pain
  • Seed · Pharmaceuticals · Medical Cannabis · Bioscience
A platform for QAs that increase behavioral and functional testing coverage by up to 75%
  • Prototype · Enterprise · Development Tools
Profit from your data
  • MVP · Blockchain · Big Data · Retail
Personalised uroflowmetry solution for the analysis of LUTS
  • MVP · Digital Health
The first instant frozen beverage maker
  • Seed · Food Tech · Hardware · Retail
A shower head with a self-disinfecting mechanism to prevent legionella outbreaks
  • Early Stage · Hospitals · Hotels · Public Health
Intelligent cargo solution for container shipping
  • Early Stage · Logistics · SaaS · Supply Chain
Biotechnology and bioinformatics
  • Growth Stage · Health · Biotechnology · Genetics
We're an urban lifestyle brand for video gamers and we create economics for everyone
  • MVP · E-Sports
Re-inventing treatment in surgical bleeding, infection & seroma during MIS applications
  • Early Stage · Dialysis · Surgery · Emergency
We help people staying connected
  • Series A · Aviation · Logistics · SAR
Holistic real-time booking solution enabling small properties join the e-commerce arena
  • Pre-Seed
We make healthy drinking water
  • Seed · Water · Home Appliances
Passive and objective Biomarker based ADHD monitoring
  • Pre-Seed · ADHD · Digital Health
The first on-demand shopping platform that serves both buyers and sellers
  • Seed · Digital Advertising
We create an exciting sports fan experience on any screen
  • PoC · Seed · Gaming · Sports Broadcast
Creating the next-gen active QR code-like payment solution
  • Prototype · FinTech · Retail
Can I Buy You a Drink? - The only Drinks First Dating App
  • Pre-Seed · Dating · Social Media
Changing the experience of patients and therapists alike
  • Seed · Augmented Reality · Digital Health · Virtual Reality
Minefield location intelligence solution
  • Early Stage · AI · Robotics · SaaS
Modern-day media company strengthening the world's relationship with Tel Aviv
  • Series A · Advertising · Branding · Media
Skin metabolic activity, mapping by technology spectral-spatial analysis
  • Prototype · Digital Health
Ophthalmic incubator for projects
  • Prototype · Ophthalmic Medical Device
Plasmachemical in-situ MSW purification
  • Prototype · Smart Cities · Communities
Empowering teams to build, optimize, and scale, leveraging SaaS efficiently
  • Pre-Seed · B2B · SaaS · SMB Software
Novel small molecule for the Treatment of Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases
  • Seed · BioTech · BioPharma
The gut IoT - monitors obesity surgery patient eating behavior and providing RT training
  • 1st Clinical Trials · Medical Devices · Digital Health
Our system tells whether antibiotic is needed and which of them in one hour
  • Seed · BioTech
Develops AI water safety solutions for residential pools and ocean drowning
  • Prototype-Seed · Artificial Intelligence · Digital Health · IoT
Employs Industrial IoT automation for cost-efficient management of solar PV fleets
  • Pre-Seed · EnergyTech · SaaS · Smart Cities
The ShareRoute app offers on-demand minibuses, so you can commute as a community
  • Early Stage · Smart Mobility · Technology · Transportation
Artificial intelligence based genetics
  • Growth Stage · Digital Health · BioTech · Medical
Crowdfunding platform for artists & venues, providing community-based data & funding
  • Seed · Social Media · Crowdfunding · Entertainment
Where ho(s)tels rate guests. Like TripAdvisor but in reverse
  • Seed · Hospitality · Travel · Big Data
Ambient Intelligence Ubicomp platform is the next big thing
  • MVP · Digital Health · CleanTech · Artificial Intelligence
An innovative SaaS tool focused exclusively on the construction of multi-unit projects
  • Early Stage · SaaS · Construction-Tech
Reproduction biotechnology
  • Early Stage · Automatic Vitrification · Reprod BioTech
Mobile service allows reduce losses and increase the retail turnover of food retailers
  • Prototype · Seed · FoodTech · Retail · SaaS
A Medical Device company focused on cancer treatment for human and veterinary applications
  • Prototype · Medical Device
Support your favorite YouTube creators by simply liking their videos
  • Proof of Concept · Social Media · Sharing Economy
Development of early warning system to prevent loss of control of vehicles in curves
  • Pre-Seed · Automotive
We add storage to renewable energy, increasing its use by 66%. Changing the world in the process
  • Prototype · Energy Storage · Hydrogen · Smart Cities
An AI based service to protect children from cyber-bullying and pedophilia
  • MVP · Digital Health · Education · Social Media Safety
Secured online payments. Blockchain B2B and P2P transactions.
  • Pre-Seed · Blockchain
The cannabis TV of news, talk-show, products, medical info, gadgets and innovations
  • Pre-Seed
Shareholder rights management platform
  • Seed · FinTech · Legal Tech
Taking the hassle out of EV charging
  • Pre-Seed · Seed · EV Charging · Energy · Mobility
Developing the next generation of recruitment and finding a job systems
  • Seed · HR Tech
A web application tool for managing automated optimizations
  • Early Stage · AdTech
Upgrade simulator for enterprise clouds
  • MVP · SaaS · Enterprise Software
A novel technology that lets you breathe without your lungs
  • Series A · BioTech · Healthcare · Respiratory Care
Smartphone time & attendance software
  • Prototype · Time & Attendance · Workforce Management
Super simple way to pre-vet people before you hire. Source, test & watch their video
  • Pre-Seed · HR Tech · Human Resources · Recruitment
Printed sensing solutions that feel the structural state of Things
  • MVP
Increasing efficiency of water pumps, AC systems and heat pumps
  • MVP · Agriculture · AC Systems · Seawater Desalination
Crypto exchanges aggregator. Advanced orders trading on any crypto exchange
  • Prototype · FinTech · Crypto
Provides universal acceptance of eWallet funds across multiple channels
  • Growth Stage · FinTech
We are disrupting the online mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs market
  • Pre-Seed · Health Care · Medical Equipment
Develop drugs to treat cancer relapse by rapid identification of the resistance mechanism
  • Seed · Biotechnology · Drug Discovery · Oncology
On Bond creators monetize their video content and profit together with investing crowd
  • MVP · VOD · Social Media
Intuitive chat system that integrates into hotels to help travelers build trip itinerary
  • Seed · Tourism
Immutable, transparent, trustless, reminder oriented giving and receiving app
  • Design Stage · Blockchain · FinTech · P2P and B2C Charity
Best PV energy solution for maintenance-free sensors/IoT. No more replacing batteries
  • Early Stage · Internet of Things · Wireless
A one-type-fits-all cable-free power system for home devices
  • Prototype · Wireless · Mobile · Automotive
A new way to support creators and watch exciting live events
  • Seed · Early Stage · Social Media · Live Streaming · Crowdfunding
Autonomous interior designing artificial intelligence system
  • Pre-Seed · Interior Design · Real Estate · Home Decor
The Engineered Micro Pancreas restores the body's insulin generation capabilities
  • Pre-Clinical · Regenerative Medicine
Predictive analytics software; alerts to avoid re-admissions from HAI & Sepsis
  • Seed · Early Stage · Healthcare IT · Digital Health
Experts in machine learning, AI, scientific computation, optimization and big data
  • Seed · Pharma · Digital Health · Big Data
Today's parents are busier than ever. Young children, on the other hand, much less so
  • Early Stage · B2C · Social Network
Deploys an intelligent robotic platform to help clean public washrooms
  • Pre-Seed · Robotics · Smart Cities · Digital Health
Developing advanced technology for feminine health
  • Pre-Seed · Digital Healthcare · TeleMedicine · Healthcare at Home
ClariFruit mobile application monitors and analyzes fruit quality, ripeness and freshness
  • Early Stage · AgriTech
AR platform for group experience
  • Growth Stage · AR/VR
Nutritionists tool that helps to calculate meal planning based on diseases
  • MVP · Healthcare · Food · Weightloss
Brings together 10-12 graders to teach juniors English
  • Idea · Learning · Social Media
Our goal is to change the way people buy their cars
  • Seed · Car Tech
Increase eCommerce conversion & revenue with gamification
  • Early Stage · eCommerce · SaaS
Complex solutions for monitoring and control of different environments
  • Prototype · Agriculture · Home Automation · Manufacturing Automation
Fast and effective mobile payments in instant messengers
  • Early Stage · Finance · Banking · SaaS
Connect to millions of services and real people at one click!
  • Pre-Seed · Consumer Internet
New social network for outdoor activity, leisure and entertainment
  • Pre-Seed · Seed · Social Media · Leisure · Entertainment
Darimpo is a maintenance network for buildings between residents, RPMS and contractors
  • Seed · PropTech
Intelligent parking system for precise vacant spots
  • Seed · ADAS · Automotive · Smart City · IoT
Wireless platform that enables IIoT quick "Time-To-Market" applications
  • Early Stage · Cyber Security · FinTech · IIoT
ShiftCraft is an application for SMB managing workers in shifts arrangement
  • Seed · Retail · SMB
Smart listening, an algorithm that interprets sounds to keep people safe
  • Pre-Seed · Elderly Care · Smart Safety · Smart Home
Clean energy explosive breakthrough
  • Prototype Testing · Clean Technology · Solar Energy
Beacon precision in a beaconless world, context data management platform for premium apps
  • MVP, Seed · Mobile · Location · Digital Health
B2B platform of ready sequential video marketing generator
  • Seed · Marketing · Video
SimPlan is a specialized app designed to assist with coordinating social events in a fun way
  • Seed · Social Media
Turn any surface into a solar system, simply, cheaply & aesthetically
  • Prototype · Bridge · CleanTech · Nanotechnology · Energy
Break the speed limit of logic chip simulation
  • Seed · Semiconductors · SaaS · Data Centers
We can change the way people consume energy by providing power saving platform
  • Pre-Seed · Social Impact · Energy · CleanTech · Internet of Things
Digital Signage Software - Broadcast Solutions
  • Growth Stage · Digital Signage · SaaS · Internet of Things
FOLDIV helps to divide places efficiently as well as carry marketing/other content
  • Prototype · Consumer Products
Profiling drugs real world effects by applying analytics on patient generated data
  • Early Stage · Health IT · SaaS
MyShouk is a French online supermarket in Israel
  • Seed · Agribusiness
We are a medical tourism facilitator bringing Americans to Israel for IVF treatment
  • Early Stage · IVF
Global incentive to Solar Energy through BlockChain
  • Early Stage · CleanTech · FinTech
Poker Players Social Network and a Toolbox for real live home Poker games
  • Prototype · Mobile · Gaming · Social Network
A novel soundwave medical diagnostic technology to diagnose patients faster
  • Prototype · Medical Device
You deserve your very OWN social network. It's super easy
  • Early Stage · Social Media · Social Network
Consumer Focused Beauty Subscription Box for Women
  • MVP · FashTech
We help people fly for free using airline miles
  • Demo · Frequent Flyers · Travel · Airlines
Your information is in someone else's hands, securing cloud it isn't
  • Growth Stage · Cloud Security
SJ develop, produce and sell an automatic computerized portable electronic injector
  • Growth Stage · Veterinary Customers · Veterinary Syringe Producers · Veterinary Vaccine Producers
Columnar-Spine-Deformation Detection
  • Seed · Consumer Healthcare · Digital Health · Healthcare Technology · MedTech · Medical Devices
A 3D (x, y, z axis) seismic system as Virtual Perimeter Security fences
  • Early Stage · HLS
Intelligence-grade secured working environment
  • Growth Stage · Cyber Security · SaaS · SecaaS
Early Detection of Elderly Frail Situations by monitoring changes in moving behavior
  • Early Stage · Eldercare · Remote Monitoring · Smart Home
The easiest way to view and manage the most important details of your service business
  • Growth Stage · Field Service Management Software · SaaS
Providing prediction of borrowers creditworthiness
  • Prototype · FinTech · SaaS
Defusing the Digital Underworld
  • Growth Stage · Cyber Intelligence · Cyber Security · SaaS
Identify threat trends, assess readiness, optimize cybersecurity resource allocation
  • Growth Stage · Cyber Security