Whos Your Guest

Where ho(s)tels rate guests. Like TripAdvisor but in reverse

  • Modiin Bogota
  • Inbal Tubi, CEO, inbal@whosyourguest.com

Whos Your Guest (WYG) is a worldwide network where accommodation providers share information about their guests behavior, positive or negative, giving them advance knowledge about the type of guest before they arrive. As a result, establishments can “reward” the positive ones or take measures to protect themselves from the problematic guests preventing the problems before they even happen and saving billions of dollars to the industry in prevented damages and losses to facilities and reputation. It also increases the stay quality and safety of all other guests. We currently work in 22 countries and with about 5,000 members. So far we are self funded. We are looking to raise $500k seed round. The team: Inbal Tubi - Co-founder & CEO. 20 years in the accommodation industry. Owner of a few lodging facilities, past & present. Breathes & lives the travel world. Ron Tubi - Co-Founder & CTO. Software Development Manager at malamteam.com. 17 years experience in Software development.




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