The first on-demand shopping platform that serves both buyers and sellers

  • Modiin
  • Emil Guberman, CEO, emil@wby.io

WeBuy has two main goals. One is to put the customer, or the Buyer, in the driver’s seat by allowing them to decide what kind of ads reach them according to what they are actually looking to buy at that moment. The second is to provide businesses, or Sellers, better tools with which they can directly communicate and reach buyers that actually have an interest in their products or services. WeBuy is taking the guesswork out of advertising and sales. WeBuy provides an alternative to traditional advertising methods which force individuals to view unwanted ads and force businesses pay middlemen money for ads that almost never get results. WeBuy, a blockchain-based, on-demand, advertising platform essentially removes the need for these middlemen completely and will ensure that fairness, impartiality, and common sense are injected into the advertising industry on an industrial scale.




Digital Advertising