We make healthy drinking water

  • Petah Tikva
  • Gregory Joffe, CEO, gregory@watefy.com

Our Mission: To provide affordable, healthy and clean drinking water to all by exploiting our unique scientific and technical knowledge in advanced hydrodynamics. Our Company: Israeli cleantech company founded in 2017. Team: 4 founders; Self-funded to semi-industrial scale. We are winners of the prestigious European Union’ Framework Program for Research and Technological Development Horizon 2020, Small and Medium Entities Instrument Program, Phase1. The Problem and its severity: 70-80% of the population in developed countries is in magnesium deficiency state that causes high illness and severe chronic diseases, which impact people at both, personal, and the community level as well. The solution from Watefy: Our core technology provides solutions for many drinking water-related applications and makes healthy drinking water affordable and available for millions. Products: Man-made Mineral water of the quality of the best brands, but low-cost; Water appliance making mineral water.




Home Appliances, Water