VPS - Video Price Signs

B2B platform of ready sequential video marketing generator

  • Atlit
  • Lior Bazak, Founder, support@videopricesigns.com

Video Price Signs is first and foremost B2B generic marketing video platform which offers a preorganized & sequential online library which offers ready video signs that include price signs, deals signs, sales signs, discount signs, holidays/events signs, coupon signs, shop signs and so much more. The platform will provide immediate download of ready marketing video incl design, graphic, marketing script and price/discount offer pre rendered to MP4 file ready to download and will be able to generate multiple scene of exclusive marketing content in to a more complex clip, based on our rich library that designed by thousands of layers. This service will provide any small business a targeted video campaign to the business needs like never before in several dollars and save him hundreds of dollars and days of work.




Marketing, Video