TIC Gaming

We're an urban lifestyle brand for video gamers and we create economics for everyone

  • Jerusalem New York
  • Zecharya Y. Levine, CEO, lchaim@gamingtic.com

For the first time ever we are bringing the opportunity for competitive video game league focused on sports based games and targeting athletes and entertainers globally, as well as the kids in neighborhoods they grew up in. With gaming being the fastest growing industry in the world, there is a massive untapped user base regarding sports based games. As founder and CEO, i am a former athlete who came up in the video game culture and I've been running tournaments and lifestyle events for over 15 years. We currently have commitments from several current and former athletes to participate in our company as "franchise owners". We have been able to secure these LOI's through organic relationships and based upon our mission of providing ownership opportunities to young athletes in an industry they understand.