SyrinJector Ltd

SJ develop, produce and sell an automatic computerized portable electronic injector

  • Petach Tikva
  • Nahum Cohen, CEO & CTO,

SyrinJector comes to answer 60 Billion Poultry and 1.1 Billion Pigs world farmers market for periodically Vaccination procedure in an easier, faster, safer way while maintaining birds' and pig herds' health and comfort. SyrinJector enables an electronic and remote computerized control of vaccination data (e.g. – dosage, quantity, needle replacement, vaccination statistics etc.). The solution provides a new technology for farmers while reducing cost. Our team includes 5 veterinarians in the poultry and pig market as strategic investors. SJ finished IN-VIVO tests in coops and pigs habitats. We are looking for $1.5M for final development, Engineering and production file towards the mass production while on going management and M&S activities.


Growth Stage


Veterinary Customers, Veterinary Syringe Producers, Veterinary Vaccine Producers