Automates the generation of Kubernetes-based Enterprise Systems

  • Tel Aviv
  • Eli Malka, CTO,

From an abstract, best-of-breed building-block representation of a system, (System-As-Code), STRATOS generates the entire system skeleton on any cloud in less than a day. Stratos generates hundreds of development and dev-ops files required to compose and deploy a complete system based on best practices. Thus STRATOS dramatically reduces, efforts, costs, TTM and expertise required. Stratos’ secret-sauce is “System-as-Code” paradigm and patent pending technology. Stratos has signed an MoU with Bynet (Cloud System Integrator) and has lined up multiple additional interested customers. Bynet will use STRATOS for its own workforce serving enterprise customers, will be a reseller and shall be a design partner. Prototype will be ready in several weeks and our dev team is working very hard on the MVP. The founding team have more than 20 years’ experience in relevant senior management positions.




Cloud Native, Enterprise Software, Kubernetes