A novel soundwave medical diagnostic technology to diagnose patients faster

  • Tel Aviv Los Angeles
  • Noemie Alliel, Cofounder & Head of Business Development, [email protected]

Traditional blood testing methods use chemical analysis which are costly, invasive (blood sample) and not always accurate (false positives). Sonorapy’s technology scans the body to detect foreign body pathogens using a new, non-invasive device that measures soundwave. A proprietary algorithm measures the resistance from the sound waves as compared to normal ranges. Sonorapy technology provides accurate results for a fraction of the cost resulting in improved patient care. Concept phase. Validated theory based on various research at universities. In discussion with Larry Ford, Ph.D from Princeton University. Team: Robert DelRio, Co-founder & CEO - Manufacturing Lead @ Northrop Grumman Innovation Lab. Ryan Lee, Co-founder & Head of Engineering - Manager Systems Engineering @ Northrop Grumman. Jon Linch, Co-founder & VP R&D -Aeroacoustics expert. Systems Engineering @ Northrop Grumman Noemie Alliel, Co-founder & Biz Dev -Ex-restructuring professional @KPMG. Co-founded 2 startups.




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