A novel soundwave medical diagnostic technology to diagnose patients faster

  • Tel Aviv Los Angeles
  • Noemie Alliel, Cofounder & Head of Business Development,

Traditional blood testing methods use chemical analysis which are costly, invasive (blood sample) and not always accurate (false positives). Sonorapy’s technology scans the body to detect foreign body pathogens using a new, non-invasive device that measures soundwave. A proprietary algorithm measures the resistance from the sound waves as compared to normal ranges. Sonorapy technology provides accurate results for a fraction of the cost resulting in improved patient care. Concept phase. Validated theory based on various research at universities. In discussion with Larry Ford, Ph.D from Princeton University. Team: Robert DelRio, Co-founder & CEO - Manufacturing Lead @ Northrop Grumman Innovation Lab. Ryan Lee, Co-founder & Head of Engineering - Manager Systems Engineering @ Northrop Grumman. Jon Linch, Co-founder & VP R&D -Aeroacoustics expert. Systems Engineering @ Northrop Grumman Noemie Alliel, Co-founder & Biz Dev -Ex-restructuring professional @KPMG. Co-founded 2 startups.




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