Soltell Systems

Employs Industrial IoT automation for cost-efficient management of solar PV fleets

  • Herzliya
  • Leon Kraversky, Founder and CEO,

Soltell introduces Industrial IoT-powered automation to enable cost-efficient operation & management of distributed rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) fleets. Soltell platform bridges commercial & residential owners, solar service companies and regional energy authorities, bringing transparency and efficiency into urban solar PV management. By utilizing advanced data-driven process automation, proprietary sensor-less energy potential measurement technology and predictive maintenance capabilities, Soltell is facilitating transition to resilient distributed solar energy generation with maximum energy yields. Soltell offers an operation platform for solar fleet owners, as well as white label product for solar service companies. The platform is compatible with a variety of inverters and data-loggers, suiting new and mature PV systems alike.




EnergyTech, SaaS, Smart Cities