Soltell Systems

Smarter solar energy

Soltell leads the automation revolution in operation and management of commercial and residential PV solar energy systems – optimizing system control, automating monitoring and utilizing predictive maintenance to maximize energy production. Leon Kraversky Co-founder and CEO – Seasoned technology analyst focusing on energy innovation. Leon took part in a number of energy innovation enterprises and acted as an Energy Advisor to the South Korean government. Leon served in the IAF and holds an M.Sc in Nanotechnology from the Tel Aviv University. Gilad Dayagi Co-founder and CTO -Technology consultant with a vast experience in building web based systems large and small. Gilad was VP R&D at High Gear Media and at OMG Studios. Gilad was an officer in an IDF technological unit and holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Statistics from the Tel Aviv University.




Energy, SaaS, Smart Cities