Turn any surface into a solar system, simply, cheaply & aesthetically

  • Haifa
  • Eran Maimon, CTO,

SolarPaint presents a totally new approach for the solar energy industry, using a unique configuration of cell architecture that includes a patented flexible electrode net and a photovoltaic paint. We are developing an extremely low cost photovoltaic wallpaper rolls - each 3km long, 2m wide, able to produce 600kWp at a cost of ~$0.13/Wp, with certified field performance of ~10% efficiency and 25 years lifetime. After two years of research at the SolarPaint laboratories at the Technion in Israel and Seed funding from early stage investors and the Israeli government, we are now seeking further investment to complete our product development. Inventor and CTO, Eran Maimon is joined by Oded Rozenberg, CEO and Yaron Tidhar, COO to form a strong, multidisciplinary management unit. They are supported by a world-leading advisory team in the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and solar energy including Prof. Kanatzidis (Northwestern University), Prof. Arie Zaban and Prof. David Cahen.


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