Smart Resilin

Smart resilin produces bio-based, natural solutions to pollutant and harmful materials

  • Rehovot
  • Liron Nesiel, CEO,

Smart resilin is a biomaterials company that's producing the most elastic material in existence at an industrial scale. This material is a protein named Resilin. Resilin is a super performing protein that enables insects to jump 100x their height. We engineered bacteria to produce resilin at very large scale. Now, we develop dozens of use cases across industries to prove how valuable resilin is and how it can outperform industry standards in flexible materials while solving many of the environmental issues these can pose. Ultimately, we aim at being the future of all rubbers and elastic material. We are a spinoff of the Hebrew University and our team consists of the best minds of the university and business people. We had a pre-seed investment of $350k and had incomes from POCs, samples selling and collaborations with a total incomes of $560k.




Cosmetic, Electronics, Energy Impact