Changing the experience of patients and therapists alike

  • Tel-Aviv
  • Yotam Bahat, CEO,

SENSERUM develops immersive virtual reality applications for clinical use, tackling two verticals: children with Autism and Physiotherapy. Our solution for autism breaks communication barriers, opening the child to interaction with the therapist or peers, getting them to interact socially, become relaxed and calmer. Our solution for physiotherapy overcomes patients lack of motivation, boredom and real world constrains. We give the therapists the option to tailor the therapy to the specific patient, making the therapy a fun and engaging process which speed up the healing process. Our team has extensive experience developing virtual reality applications for clinical use, adding up to more than 4 decades. Our products are at beta stage, installed in ALYN Pediatric rehabilitation hospital and in a private clinic for Autism. We are still bootstrapping and just started looking for funding the venture.




Augmented Reality, Digital Health, Virtual Reality