Experts in machine learning, AI, scientific computation, optimization and big data

  • Rehovot
  • Boris Temkin, CTO,

SciFeat owns a game-changing technology for automated hypothesis generation and predictions in biomedical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Using a variety of fused data sources and our machine learning and AI methods, we discover interpretable biomedical hypotheses. This helps companies, doctors, and researchers to proceed in correct research directions, save on avoiding expensive unnecessary experiments, detect side effects, discover connections between genes and diseases, repurpose drugs, and many more. Our primary business model is a service model which technically can easily be adapted into other models. Our potential customers include pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic and other research organizations, publishers, and search engines. Our company includes 2 PhD and 2 MSc in Applied Math and Computer Science with diverse expertise. We have a working verified and validated prototype with excellent results. We are currently looking for seed funding.




Big Data, Digital Health, Pharma