Today's parents are busier than ever. Young children, on the other hand, much less so

  • Tel Aviv
  • Liat Gal, CEO,

Red D is a tool that enables parents to schedule meetings between their children and their children's friends - at the touch of a button, using a unique algorithm that analyzes their availability and preferences. With the approval of the Ministry of Education and the Central Parent Committee in Israel, we began a pilot in the city of Holon ('Children's City'). Red D is targeting a $16 billion entertainment market (purchased through apps). Red D will recruit its users with the help of education department heads in the various municipalities, as well as representatives of the parents' committees. The Red D team is highly experienced in business & technology. We have already raised an initial investment and developed an application for Android and iPhone. Apart from Red D, there is no other tool that provides a complete solution for parents - so we have the initial advantage. Red D is interested in raising $7 million to be returned within 4 years (ROI). Red D – Shall We Meet?


Early Stage


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