Queue helps businesses reach high intent audiences and reduce content creation costs

  • Tel Aviv
  • Doron Feder, Co-founder, doron.feder@q-ueue.ai

Queue transforms the way companies market to their audience by finding their audience's questions wherever they are and allowing them to answer them at scale, reaching audiences with extremely high intent. Queue's platform helps users scan the web to find and answer the most relevant questions at scale. Using our algorithm, we calculate multiple parameters in order to find each user the questions with the most marketing value for their audience. After that, it uses NLP technology to help users create meaningful answers 5x faster. By using Queue, users can scale the process of answering questions to reach a large audience with high intent to drive their marketing goals. Using our analytics, Queue learns which questions and answers have performed best and creates an ongoing optimization loop that grows over time. We recently reached $230 in ARR and are now looking for pre-seed funding to further develop our solution for B2B. Among our customers are Monday.com, Payoneer, Guradio etc.




MarketingTech, SaaS