Taking the hassle out of EV charging

  • Herzliya
  • Amir Shapira, Co-founder & CEO, amir@powhere.co

Problem: ​Private and commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers face a daily challenge of deciding when and where to charge their vehicle, how long for, and how to fit it into their busy schedule. This challenge intensifies for 50%+ of the population that can’t charge at home. Solution: Powhere is developing a smart and powerful Electric Vehicle Charging Assistant to help drivers better manage the way they charge their vehicles. Our product uses prediction technologies to provide drivers with ongoing, optimized and personalized charging plans and recommendations. Using Powhere, drivers save valuable time and money, and are freed from the constant planning, calculations and general anxiety surrounding operating an electric vehicle. Basically - we take the hassle out of EV charging!


Pre-Seed, Seed


Energy, EV Charging, Mobility