Re-inventing treatment in surgical bleeding, infection & seroma during MIS applications

  • Kfar Saba
  • Yuval Yaskil, CEO and Co-founder, yuval@p-merit.com

1. We are unique in the way we manage each clinical aspect: - Bleeding control - Non-Compressional, Self adherence even in severe arterial bleeding, no - contra-indication to tissue type or surgery place (Neuro, Cardio-vascular etc.) and we manage coagolupathiy deficiencies. - Inflammatory stage - Seroma prevention and containment, Bacterial growth prevention and schema management. - Proliferative phase - promote epithelia layer growth. All this in a “on-demand” stimully activation without surgeon need to activate. 2. We are unique in the Application aspect: - Designed for Laparoscopy - from 5mm - 10mm trokar - Designed line of products for Endo-scopic surgery - from 2.4mm - 3.6mm - Designed for open surgery. 3. We are also unique in the technology - Nano-molecular designed polymers in several layers. each layer for a different wound phase and unique capabilities, with a stimulated release for each phase - long after the surgeon closed the wound.


Early Stage


Dialysis, Emergency, Surgery