Poker Players Social Network and a Toolbox for real live home Poker games

  • Tel Aviv
  • David Mandiel, Co-Founder & CEO,

The use case & problem – Poker is a social game, therefore, if a poker player’s social group is not playing or if he is during travel, and he desire to play, he often unable to find an event to play in. The game itself involves money exchange, therefore requires certain degree of trust. Today, game organizers are using ineffective methods to create, manage and share information with their poker peers, and players are not able to find events that match their preferences. PokerPlace application addressing those needs. The application is a social network & a toolbox for creating and managing real interaction home game poker events (public or secret). The application enables users to search & join real events during travel all over the world, and expand their poker friend network. We raised initial funds for the first stage of development and now we are looking forward the next step of development and marketing.




Gaming, Mobile, Social Network