Early Detection of Elderly Frail Situations by monitoring changes in moving behavior

  • Haifa
  • Dr Reuven Granot, President and Founder,

Perlis is developing a Predictive Analytic System whose objective is to help the elderly retain their independence at home for many more years through early identification and treatment of diseases affecting the elderly. Our system serves as a very-early warning system to physicians and peace of mind for close relatives and friends. The system seamlessly monitors and evaluates changes in functionality considered out of the normal range of aging. It continuously chronicles movement, functioning, vital signs and disease parameters for an individual at home. Our AI based system is enhanced with robotic technologies and with a Fuzzy Logic Decision Making System that analyzes the collected data and makes decisions in a manner that closely simulates the human decision-making process. We are taking orders from early evangelists. Until current stage funded by founder. The team includes experts in geriatric medicine, computer software, physics, law, business and company evaluation.


Early Stage


Eldercare, Remote Monitoring, Smart Home