PainGuard is the next standard of care to administrate continuous regional anesthesia

  • Shlomi
  • Ofer Shay, CEO,

The PainGuard™ is a unique, innovative infusion pump designed to address the particular requirements of continuous regional anesthesia, focusing mainly on continuous peripheral nerve blocks (including Fascia Plane Blocks- FPB). Presently used pain-pumps fail to deal with severe pain and fail to administrate continuous FPB in a clinical efficient manner. As results opiates are used as rescue analgesia. The PainGuard™ is the only infusion pump capable of mimicking intermittent manual injection (the gold standard of administrating N. Blocks) and therefore efficiently addressing severe pain and administrating FPB. In-vivo clinical trials confirmed the clinical superiority of the PainGuard: over 70% reductions in opiates, lower pain, uses 65% drug volume. The technology is protected by 3 registered US patents and 2 pen. in EU. The project is situated at the final phase of R&D; FDA clearance is projected to Q1. 2023. The team includes the company CEO, CTO, and a leading KOL anesthesiologist.




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