OptiSec Ltd

Smartphone time & attendance software

  • Tel Aviv
  • Yona Flink, CEO, yona@optisec-systems.com

OptiSec has developed a biometric smartphone application for Time & Attendance and WFM that: i) eliminates expensive biometric equipment, ii) deny employees to falsify their work hours, iii) provide in real time management: who Clocked IN/OUT for which Job and where, who has or has not arrived or will arrive late, and where they are presently located with an ROI in 30 days or less. Yona Flink Founder and Inventor with over 20 years of experience in Biometric Time & Attendance solutions in the private & public sector. Dr. Itzik Wilf: Inventor, over 20 years of experience with a proven track record in video image processing, person detection and recognition, machine vision and independent consultant for Home Land Security. Edan Ben Shimon: Head of Software development with over 15 years experience in mobile, computer and software development projects for OptiSec. OptiSec past biometric programs have have been providing a proven ROI in 60 days or less.




Time & Attendance, Workforce Management