Predictive analytics software; alerts to avoid re-admissions from HAI & Sepsis

  • Tel Aviv Austin TX
  • Henry M. Kaiser, MBA PsyD Strategic Advisor, henryk@opisoftcare.com

We are bringing proven (in use) predictive analytics to the USA. Several US customers ready for implementation agreements in Q3. Patented software combines, real-time, structured and unstructured data, and uses automated rules engine to develop algorithms in hours vs. months, with no data scientists needed. Major EMR interfaces established. Implementations takes 12-16 weeks. System could save an eleven hospital system $300 million / year in avoiding costs of unreimbursed care due to re-admission from HAI and/or sepsis. Full team in Israel and USA; USA will hold the investment and control the IP and company.


Seed, Early Stage


Digital Health, Healthcare IT


$7.5M - $10M