People take food and make it functional. We make functional food reach its target.

  • Beer Sheva
  • Omer Porat, CEO/Founder,

Nutaria has a product that can protect the aging brain with a novel targeted food technology. While all dietary supplement technology uses active ingredients, Nutaria has differentiated its products by using a special, IP-protected targeted delivery platform in food. Using this technology, we can send anti-oxidants and other active nutraceuticals to specific areas in the human body or even in the brain, thus protecting neuronal systems that are essential for proper functioning. Our product has passed several pre-clinical testing and is currently completing additional evidence in animals. The technology is unique since we use only non-covalent bonds in our food products while maintaining their targeted abilities. The company prepares for the completion of animal studies and moves to GMP production and regulatory approval for sales within the next ten months. Nutaria has raised 1 M NIS from IFF/DUPONT, a major food industry supplier, and the IIA in the Innovation Lab funding track.




Cognitive Health, FoodTech