Intelligent parking system for precise vacant spots

  • Jerusalem · Tel Aviv
  • Benyamin Parto, CEO,

NeoPeach has developed a revolutionary system solution for smart-parking. Drivers will now have the capability to receive the precise available parking spaces with online updated status and full detailed navigation to the desired parking spot. Team: Benyamin Parto, CEO. Past record of 20 years’ experience of management in Hi-Tech industry, leading projects and development teams in large global firms (Intel, Oracle, CA). Mr. Benyamin Parto possesses an academic degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering from London’s Coventry University. Elad Shabo, CTO. Senior technology lead from top leading Hi-Tech companies with expertise in Computer Vision. Mr. Elad Shabo possesses an academic degree of Computer Science from the Lev Jerusalem University.




ADAS, Automotive, IoT, Smart City