A one-type-fits-all cable-free power system for home devices

  • Jerusalem Chernigov
  • Roman Bysko, CEO,

Problem: People need to carry different cables and adapters for each device, search for available sockets, and continually plug and unplug portable devices and desktop appliances. Solution: One-type-fits-all cable-free power system for home devices. Technology: Meredot's patented technology wirelessly powers consumer electronics with high efficiency. It's the most powerful technology present on the market, according to two parameters: transmitted power and efficiency. Team: Roman Bysko – Founder, CEO. Former CTO of smart home automation company, brought 10 products from idea to the end customer, helped company to become a dominant player in the market. Anna Sydorova – Co-founder, CMO, PR & Communications Manager. Supported B2B deals of international IoT company with Hilton and Marriott. Roman Yershov – Co-founder, CTO. Has 15 scientific publications. His unpublished development helped us to increase the efficiency of wireless energy transmission to 90%.




Automotive, Mobile, Wireless