Skin metabolic activity, mapping by technology spectral-spatial analysis

  • Netivot California
  • Boris, CEO,

Create a prognostic platform that indicates abnormal behavior of the optical characteristics of the skin at the earliest stages. The task is to recognize an undesirable trend before damage to skin tissue enters the exponential phase. Company was founded in 2014 by 3 physicists with the aim bring to the world skin health status determination tool. The idea came from frightening statistics of melanoma, which indicates a lack of the right technology. For early detection of tissue degeneration, we have chosen spectroscopy as one of the most accurate methods of tissue analysis. Prototype B in processing. The prototype non-trial tests showed correct diagnosis results, regardless of skill and qualifications of the doctor. We suppose that with our diagnostic algorithm, basing on the collected data, the probability of correct diagnosis of the disease goes toward 100%. The project has direct access to the end customer (Family and Skin doctors and self-diagnostic in next generation) in a new market application with strong growth potential. The project can generate initial sales of its product at a very early stage, with limited regulatory requirements, to customers who are interested in using the tool for research and development.




Digital Health