Simplifying financial decisions making

  • Tel Aviv
  • Adam Danel, Founder & CEO,

Manteca is an AI personalized 1 click financial decision-making platform, designed to help people minimize lost time & money or headaches when facing financial decisions. Our algorithms analyzes every user unique financial data, actions done by persons with similar profiles & information from various databases. So users can get every relevant parameter to make a financial decision without going through the same process again & again every time. We’ve recently launched our MVP version (both on iOS & on Android) and have early adopters. Our founders - Arik, our CTO holds a B.S.C from the Technion, & a MSc from BGU, served at the IDF Technology Directorate as a system engineer & worked as a network algorithm engineer at Rafael. And Adam served for over a decade at the IDF Planning Directorate & Intelligence Directorate, and worked for Vardan Group as head of strategy & Fin-Tech. Assembled an initial team - tech, design, product & community, works solely on ESOP.




AI/ML, Financial Services, Fintech