Nutritionists tool that helps to calculate meal planning based on diseases

  • Ramat Gan
  • Michael, Founder, abramovich.michael@gmail.com

Every nutritionist or RD (registered dietitian) composes meal plans for their patient. They take into account many factors like: anthropometric data, physical activity, surgeries, burns/scalds, plenty of conditions/diseases that demand extra vitamins or minerals (like pregnancy, asiderotic anemia, pancreatitis …), conditions/diseases that exclude from ration something (gastritis, kosher, eczema, vegan …), climate conditions (hypoascobemia, dehydratation), blood glucose level, blood cholesterol level, acid-alkaline balance, and many more. Calculation of these meal plans consumes about 2-3 hours of manual work. We have made an application that does this calculation in a single click (+10 seconds processing time). The venture has 1 founder and 3 part-time software developers. All of the funds (about $30k) are from the founder.




Food, Healthcare, Weightloss