Autonomous interior designing artificial intelligence system

  • Tel Aviv
  • Gil Admoni, CEO, admonig@leaperr.com

Leaperr is an autonomous artificial intelligence system based on novel technology that combines Deep-Learning, Image-Processing algorithms and stochastic methods capable of automatically generating creative unique interior designs by itself. Unique algorithm captures user preferences, space structure, & user's needs and creates personalized design options for any space, demonstrating the visual potential of the space. Leaperr saves time & money as well as the need to visualize abstract design plans making abstract design plans vivid and tangible. We recently received 'Tnufa' grant ($35K) now launching seed round. Team: Gil Admoni, MBA, (CEO)-Ex CEO of Delta Israel & Hed Arzi. Jonathan (MSc) Senior algorithmic & experienced in image processing, deep learning & pattern recognition. Yifti (MSc/ PhD) Technology leader specializing in complex algorithms and signal processing. Gil.R (BSc) experienced system architect & algorithm specialist, ex Ofek, Israeli air force computing unit.




Home Decor, Interior Design, Real Estate