KIS Imaging Solutions

Ophthalmic incubator for projects

  • Koranit
  • Uri Neta, CEO,

Product 1: Light source for cataract surgery eliminate light toxicity. Product 2: Light source to increase resolution in cataract surgery. Product 3: 3D ophthalmic scanner will replace the current slit lamp. Product 4: 3D system replacing the surgery's microscope. All 4 technologies will be patented. Currently there are 4 patent drafts that during final development stage will be submitted. Our team: Prof. David Zadok, Head of the ophthalmology department in Shaare Zedek medical center Jerusalem, more than 20 years of experience. Uri Neta, Physicist from Technion Israel Institute of technology, has vast experience in managing R&D, leading development projects, expert in 3D system development and illumination design for machine vision, more than 25 years of experience. Carmi Cohen, MSc Software Engineer has 35 years experience in real time software, 3D algorithms, management and leading development teams.




Ophthalmic Medical Device