Keepers Child Safety

Keepers is an app that uses AI technology to detect Cyberbullying in real-time

Keepers uses an NLP algorithm to detect the emotion in the text being sent to and from a child’s smartphone. Once the system identifies a suspicious or abusive word or phrase an alert is sent to the parents’ phone showing them the messages. The app only sends the identified harmful message, not the whole conversation in order to protect the child’s privacy. Keepers was developed in order to keep parents involved and aware of what is going on in their kids’ lives. The issue that we are solving is Cyberbullying, which affects too many kids in this tech savvy generation. This issue is rooted in technology and we decided to fix the solution with technology. We have users in Israel and are working on expanding throughout Europe and the United States. Our goal is to help kids all over the world and make sure that no kid gets harmed through cyberbullying ever again.


Early Stage


Cyber Security, Parenting, Tech