Keepers Child Safety

An AI based service to protect children from cyber-bullying and pedophilia

  • Jerusalem · Tel Aviv Naples
  • Hanan Lipskin, CEO,

Keepers created an innovative and cutting edge solution among parental monitor tools. Keepers’ advantages in the ability to monitor all social media platforms without requesting the passwords, due to children privacy respect we inform parents ONLY when offensive or dangerous contents detected by our AI and NLP-based algorithm. We provide a tool for the parent to educate their children better, therefore, we are working with different psychologists to provide an educational solution and not only a technical solution. The fact that modern children get their first smartphones at a very young age, in the last few years, parents and children are facing two major problems cyberbullying and screen addiction. Our product provides a solution for both and at the same time respect the child's privacy.




Digital Health, Education, Social Media Safety