IMCI Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company that develops cannabis-based medicines treat neuropathic pain

  • Gan Yavne Johannesburg
  • Alon Hershkovitz, Co-CEO & Co-Founder,

IMCI is a pharmaceutical company that develops novel and patented cannabinoids-based medicines to treat neuropathic pain indications with global reach at an affordable price. IMCI medications intend to provide patients suffering from chronic and neuropathic pain an easy to use, effective pain relief with quick onset, long sustain therapeutic effect and reduced negative side effects, resulting in improved quality of life and enhanced patient use experience. The medications will meet the highest international standards and will comply with the pharmaceutical regulatory clinical standards for safety, efficacy and quality and provide doctors with clinical data that allow them to prescribe it to their patients. The team comprise of all skills to support the development of the products and scale it into commercial production. The founders have vast managerial experience in multinational companies.




Bioscience, Medical Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals