Healables, Ltd.

Wearables that Heal

  • Jerusalem
  • Moshe Lebowitz, Co-Founder, mlebowitz@healables.io

Healables.io is a digital health startup that creates wearable electroceuticals to treat injuries, chronic pain, and chronic illnesses without the use of medication. It works in congruence with a patient-centric AI-driven health coach app for remote treatment. Healables devices are able to decrease pain and inflammation and increase healing using electrotherapy. What makes this device different from TENS electrotherapy or muscle stimulation is that the currents it creates are much smaller and thus do not cause discomfort for the patient. The microcurrent applied in the Healables device is actually 1,000 times less than the millicurrent used in TENS. In addition,the ElectroGear brand, powered by Healables, targets athletes' injuries to allow them to heal faster & get back in the game faster. The Healables device is currently undergoing clinical trials at the Wolfson Medical Center.


Series A, Clinical Trials, Sports Pilots


BioTech, Digital Health