H2 Energy Now

We add storage to renewable energy, increasing its use by 66%. Changing the world in the process

  • Beer Sheva · Jerusalem
  • Sonya Davidson, CEO, sonya@h2energynow.com

H2 Energy Now is developing the world’s most efficient and cost-effective hydrogen energy storage system. We have a working proof of principal prototype. Patents be issued in May 2019. The Need: Significant quantities of Intermittent energy (wind/solar) which is produced is not being used because of low need, and are tied to production instead of market need. The Solution; H2 Energy Now’s product stores hydrogen energy by separating water by using radio waves. When power is required, stored hydrogen is converted to electricity. More efficient 88.9% vs solutions presently in the market. Features and Benefits: Small amount of water creates a large amount of hydrogen; Prototype functions for both salt and fresh water; Unique process that utilizes existing technology (radio waves) for a new purpose; Our customer: power becomes available 24/7, grid stable; Our customer: shortens their payback on their investment in half.




Energy Storage, Hydrogen, Smart Cities