GOSH (Git Open Source Hodler)

Secure Open-Source Ontology on chain entirely managed by DAOs

  • Beer Sheva Wilmington DE
  • Oksana Stanevich, Director of Science Development, oksana.stanevich@gosh.sh

GOSH is an asynchronous blockchain. By default it creates an Open Source Ontology on chain with processing of every Diff via Virtual machine instructions. It leads to secure preservation of code & methods, while an IP (Intellectual Property) is provided by CFT (commit-fungible tokens) - different technology than IP-NFT. CFTs help measure a contributor’s expertise on-chain, including the one of investors who want to be involved, buy DAO tokens & desire to have a valuable voice. Anyone can create his own DAO for any purpose on GOSH. Any action (commit or pull request/proposal) must be approved by the majority of members inside the DAO. They make a joint decision about everything important: from acceptance of new members to such complex processes as in Decentralized Science. CFTs inform voters about degree of expertise, based on evidence recorded on-chain. Finally, "ontology" isn't a customers' hook. We build interplay of each DAO's objects to analyse & predict a value in a whole.




MedTech, SciTech, Secure Supply Chains, Web3