Global SolarChange

Global incentive to Solar Energy through BlockChain

  • Tel Aviv Berlin
  • Assaf Ben Or, CEO,

SolarChange is a web & mobile platform based on Blockchain technology that incentives and enhances the use of solar energy. By registration to SolarChange platform, solar energy producers receive SolarCoin ( - a financial reward that is coupled to the production of clean solar energy and a market place to use it. SolarCoin promotes equally Solar Energy world wide where eventually companies, investors and individuals will be more motivated to install and use the free clean energy from the Sun. In addition, SolarChange is the base for smart solar energy data. Providing verified, multi-sourced, smart insights and predictions, for a variety of applications: from residential energy efficiency, to grid-scale energy management. SolarCoin can be used as a trade committee (defined like that also by law) between utility and solar/renewable energy companies based on energy prediction and changing market and pricing conditions.


Early Stage


CleanTech, FinTech