Foresee Genomics

Critical step in precision (personalized) cancer management – Next generation sequencing

  • Haifa
  • Assaf Livne, VP Business Development,

Foresee Genomics (FG) offers the first critical step in precision cancer management: identifying the exact mutation to which a treatment can be matched by using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). FG expands the diagnostic market to populations that will have access to NGS tests for the first time. Our technology is used with the 3rd generation DNA sequencing platforms, affordable, accurate, flexible, and simple to operate. These features will enable every lab, regardless of size and testing volume, to produce cost effective NGS tests in house. A clinical trial underway in Rambam Medical Center already has shown successful results. The company is led by an outstanding multidisciplinary scientists, physicians and business development team: Roi Feingersch, PhD, MBA – CEO & Founder, Assaf Livne – VP BD, Michal Brunwasser-Meirom, PhD - R&D manager & Yosef Marovka, PhD - bioinformatics and data science advisor. FG raised 800K USD and is part of the MindUP incubator and the IAA.




Clinical Diagnostic, Healthcare, Medical Devices