FOLDIV helps to divide places efficiently as well as carry marketing/other content

  • Ganei Tikva
  • Gil Hadani, Founder and CEO,

Problem & Solution: Current models are heavy, pricy, permanent, needs large storage room, takes time and skill to set up and position. FOLDIV offers users, dividers which are lightweight yet robust, stable, modular and quick to set up, minimal storage room, competitive price. In addition to allow carry marketing content. Achievements: LOI, positive validations, design, working prototype. Finance: $60K were invested by the founder. FOLDIV is seeking funds to fulfill the following milestones: 1. $80K for preliminary engineering & prototyping (reducing production costs); 2. $400K for tooling and production of 500 units of each size and to bring it to market. Management: Gil Hadani, Founder and CEO; Tamir Nave, CPA, Co-Founder.




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