Esquare IOT Ltd

Wireless platform that enables IIoT quick "Time-To-Market" applications

  • Hod HaSharon
  • Eli Sheffer, CTO,

The wireless platform is a foundation for any IIoT application, in that it provides all the building blocks of the network, leaving the connections of all customers' devices to the platform Clip module (the "infrastructure"), as the only step to get the application ready to go. The technology is based on public wireless spectrum only, using "One-Time-Pad" non-breakable encryption methodology and IoT architecture to set up any connectivity between customers' application sensors, actuators, PLC, etc. and be able to fetch any data from the Cloud as to minimize Latency. The core of this technology has been partly developed and tested in shipping container application and Home security apps. The company has received angels commitment for fairly large funding, still short of the total needed. The team is made of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in wireless technology; all are degreed engineers with two experienced businessman and marketeers.


Early Stage


Cyber Security, FinTech, IIoT