Develops AI water safety solutions for residential pools and ocean drowning

  • Modiin
  • Yaniv Vaknin, CEO, info@dip-see.com

Dipsee is developing an AI safety solution for 25M residential pool owners. We use a smart image sensor, which monitors the pool area (externally), identifies dangerous scenarios, and responds with a smartphone notification or alarm. Our technology is based on sub fields of computer vision and deep learning, advanced algorithms of detectors, trackers and segmentation which allows us to detect and track various positions. Our predictive model (US provisional patent) allows us to detect drowning before it happens, for example a child without an adult walking near the pool. We've launched our pre-order campaign, and tens of people signed up to get a pre order discount. Dipsee got media coverage by Ynet, Maariv, etc. Our team combines vast experience, and passion. Yaniv brings strong leadership experience from the radar industry. Itai brings vast experience from his previous positions in R&D and work with algorithms. Our prototype is ready, and we are now meeting with potential partners to secure financing for the next stage.




Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health, IoT