Profiling drugs real world effects by applying analytics on patient generated data

  • Tel Aviv
  • Limor BH Epstein, CoFounder,

Data2Life is a 2 year old startup, with distinct access and analytical know-how of patient generated data from multiple sources such as electronic medical records (EMRs), social media reports, regulatory databases and other spontaneous reporting systems. The company has developed a unique and advanced analytic platform based on real world, multi sourced, crossed referenced datasets for identifying adverse drugs events. The target markets are Pharma companies and healthcare providers. To date, we have 2 strategic distribution partnerships with KantarHealth and the Foresight Group. The company already has market traction in the Pharma industry and is in the process of developing its healthcare offering. Data2Life is currently looking for a $2m investment (the seed investors will participate as well) as a pre A round towards the end of 2017.


Early Stage


Health IT, SaaS