Darimpo is a maintenance network for buildings between residents, RPMS and contractors

  • Tel Aviv
  • Eyal Lavie, CEO, eyal.lavie@darimpo.com

Darimpo’s proprietary buildings management system - including the mobile app - simplifies interactions between residents and RPMS. All planned and reactive maintenance needs are facilitated within an easy-to-use chat platform. The platform is pre-set with functionality made specifically for the reporting, approving, monitoring, managing and reviewing of all maintenance issues. We built an algorithm that will solve problems in private, common and public property in an easy and efficient way. The product works in Israel in several hundred buildings and thousands of users. Our team: Eyal Lavie - CEO and Co-Founder, Gal Lavie - Senior Product Developer and Co-Founder, Stav Neve Haleli - Product Manager. Looking for funding to accelerate marketing the product in Israel and finish the development and marketing for the UK market.