Can I Buy You a Drink? - The only Drinks First Dating App

  • Tel Aviv
  • Moshe David Rubinstein, CEO,

The App: CLINX‘s platform focuses on the initial approach between two people in a bar and in real time. Once checked in to a venue, users swipe right on profiles to offer a drink and connect. The CLINX app is integrated with popular POS systems and can be used to purchase drinks via the app or direct at the bar. What's Different: CLINX provides a safe digital environment for users to 'break the ice’ and promotes respectfulness and accountability between users. CLINX wants to remove uncomfortable social barriers and help users to meet each other face to face within moments. Why Now? The #Metoo movement created much needed positive social change and has altered dating culture dramatically; irreversibly changing the rules of the dating. Big name dating apps are increasingly being viewed less favourably as platforms which cater to undesirable behavior. Increased anxiety and confusion among todays singles has created a vacuum for real, safe and in-person interactions.




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