CELL Response

Develop drugs to treat cancer relapse by rapid identification of the resistance mechanism

  • San Francisco
  • Yoram Altschuler, Founder & CEO, yoram.altschuler@gmail.com

Product: Drugs to overcome relapse of late-stage cancer patients. Drugs will be licensed out to pharma for late phase trials. Technology: Our platform technology rapidly identifies the resistance mechanism for any given drug. It combines (i) cell-based functional assay, (ii) low-cost device that allows screening of thousands of genes (iii) cell-based rapid protocol for the generation of resistant cell clones (replacement to patient biopsies) (iv) bioinformatic validation protocol. Traction: We resolve the bottleneck in overcoming relapse and will help pharma by partnering. Funding: We have invested $200K out of pocket to perform a proof of concept, develop our screening device, identify our 1st drug target and initiate our first drug program. Team: We know each other for 25 years and collaborated frequently. Together we have all the professional expertise to do the job. We excel in molecular cell biology as well as designing and testing the devices required to operate the platform.




Biotechnology, Drug Discovery, Oncology