Carmel Diagnostics

A Ground-breaking system selecting the most viable embryos for successful IVF pregnancy

  • Kiryat-Tivon
  • Tzali Cnaani, CEO,

Carmel Diagnostics is a medtech company who developed an innovative method for measuring Oxidative Stress (OS) of a biological liquid, a recognized biomarker of health and disease and a key diagnostics parameter. This OS parameter is measured by TCL (ThermoChemiLuminescence), an advanced yet simple technology. Carmel's lead product is Embryo Selection in IVF process. Carmel won the prestigious Phase-2 grant from Horizon2020, planning market launch by 2022. It has an experienced, motivated team. Fertissimo TCL Analyzer is an innovative, noninvasive embryo selection system for the IVF market, offering up to 20% increase in successful IVF pregnancies. Effective embryo viability assessment significantly improves success rate and reduces the risk of multiple births. TRL - Successful clinical trials were performed in Israel and in Europe (Spain). New generation of the product started extensive clinical validation.


Growth Stage


Diagnostics, Digital Health, Women's Health