C-Robotics creates a price competitive public toilet cleaning robot

Keeping public toilets clean in places such as offices, airports, cinemas and malls is a headache. People hate the job; the wages are low and staff comes and goes. It’s a management nightmare and it is outsourced! C-Robotics creates a price competitive, intelligent cleaning robot that can move, clean and take care of public toilets. It will perform the routine job, significantly reducing human involvement. Robi - the Cleaning Robot, can move around public toilets and do the routine task of floor mopping, toilet seat and urinal cleaning, garbage collection. It even can handle closed cabin doors. Our team: Dr. Uri Dubin - more than 15 years working in computer vision, signal processing and communication. Shlomi Schelpak - more than 20 years in business development and finance. Until recently, CEO of PML a startup company in electro-optics. Holds B.Sc in Economics.




Digital Health, Robotics, Smart Cities