We can change the way people consume energy by providing power saving platform

  • Tel Aviv
  • Yogev Gavri, CEO, gavriyogev@gmail.com

We provide each household with an easy and efficient power saving platform and cut energy bills to transform the home to an independent energy unit. We all want to reduce our energy usage and bills, but most of us just don't know how. While there's a wealth of information out there and many practicable solutions, most of us still use energy inefficiently due to lack of information, incorrect beliefs and limited attention to details. Global energy demand just keeps growing, and we all pay far more than we should. Bulbee is a first-of-a-kind intuitive platform that allows users to enter basic data on anything related to their energy consumption at home and get a simple, personalized plan for reducing their energy consumption up to 100%. Bulbee uses an inter-disciplinary approach and recommend the best ways to implement them according to each user's needs, habits and capabilities.




CleanTech, Energy, Internet of Things, Social Impact