Barimote Ltd

The gut IoT - monitors obesity surgery patient eating behavior and providing RT training

  • Petach Tikva
  • Lior Fleischer, CEO,

Obesity surgery is the most effective way to induce a significant weight loss in morbid obese patients. However within the 1st 5 years over 40% of the patients will fail. These failures are due to lack of proper follow-up, lack of proper required eating behavior changes training and the lack of any objective data regarding it. We are developing an implantable IoT for the gut that will enable the remote continuous monitoring of the patient eating behavior, providing them RT corrective guidance and collecting objective patient compliance data. The data collected will enable condition targeted patients referrals, early detection of signs of failures, development of predictive tools, and a decision supporting system for caregivers & insurers. We have 5 granted patents and 3 pending, we proved the system ability to identify 9/10 food volumes passing through the system in a lab study and we are raising funds for our 1st clinical trial of our lab size prototype and technology.


1st Clinical Trials


Digital Health, Medical Devices